Susan Jones, CYT

Yoga is for everybody.  After years of weight training, long-distance bike riding and knee surgeries, my body was telling me to slow down.  I began practicing yoga, reaping the physical benefits as well as feeling calmer and happier.  I started training for my yoga certification within a year, as it was a natural step from my previous years as a personal trainer.  I enjoyed learning the history of Hatha yoga, then got hooked when I attended a Holy Yoga Retreat.  I received my certifications in Hatha and Holy Yoga and Chair Yoga simultaneously and jumped right into teaching at FocusOm, where I have to pleasure of practicing with seniors in the Chair Yoga Class, as well as Mid-Day Yoga.  I love to modify poses, using the chair as a prop, and just having fun, being creative with poses.  I also love to encourage movement with focus on the breath, as the breath brings fullness and changes to your poses.  For someone just starting, I would advise them to start without any expectations, have a sense of humor, close your eyes and feel what yoga is doing for you.  That way you can find peace in your practice.  My favorite mantra for the Bible is always, pray continuously and give thanks for everything.