Michelle Thomas, CYT

Michelle enjoys teaching a flowing, meditative class for her students. She injects long pauses in the flow in order to help students connect deeply with the pose and themselves. Her goal is to help class become a “moving meditation” for her students.

Michelle’s day job is a Senior Vice President and Leadership Development Coach at a large advertising agency, so she is well aware of the toll job stress can create! Her goal is to create a space where students can slow down. Michelle explains “In my teaching, I’m motivated by creating a space that is in strong contrast to the hustle of the corporate world and our lives in general.” Besides creating the mindfulness and pauses that assist students in slowing down, Michelle says, “I also try to keep my classes light hearted and not too serious.”

In addition to yoga, Michelle also has an interest in nutrition and healthy eating. She received her 200 hour certification right here at Focus Yoga.