Jennifer Kehle

Jennifer started practicing yoga 15 years ago during an incredibly difficult and stressful time in her life and felt that she would benefit from meditation and finding stillness.  Jennifer has always gravitated to the spiritual aspect of life.  For her, most definitely the concept of doing something positive for herself – mind, body and spirit got her hooked on yoga.

Jennifer became a certified yoga instructor in 2009 and loves teaching hatha, vinyasa flow and restorative yoga.  She loves to stand grounded, rooted to the earth, drawing everything to the midline of her body.  She can sometimes feel a gentle sway, reminding herself this is O.K., as she is building strength in her body.

Jennifer reminds her students to be kind to themselves and to listen to their bodies, quiet their minds and lead with their hearts.  Do not be intimidated or have fear of the unknown.  Yoga is a journey, an incredibly powerful and fun journey.

Jennifer’s favorite mantra is “So Ham”.  Two simple words with a simple meaning.  I am that.  It is always a good reminder in the grand universe of beings that we are all so incredibly small.  Yet at the same time being ever so small, we all have importance and significance.  So ham is a reminder of both of these.