When it comes to manifesting dreams and goals there is no shortage of information on how to harness our creative abilities to achieve the lives we want. But with so much advise, how do we stay grounded and actually put these ideas into practice. How do we take our dreams and pull them into reality? How do create the financial support that will enable us to achieve our goals? What can we do now in order to set ourselves up for the future we desire?

This is where the love meets the law. In Visioning Prosperity we combined seemingly opposite viewpoints, manifestation and financial planning, to lie out a concrete plan on how to manifest and create even the biggest of aspirations. We began with a dream board, an exercise where one combines images and words to paint out a picture of the things we wish to achieve in our lives. Whether it is a new house, a relaxing vacation, a college fund, a sense of security or an opportunity to learn, no desire is to small and no goal is to big. We are supported and encouraged to dig deep and really ask ourselves, “What do I want?” We tap into our wanting and wishing and don’t stop to question if it’s realistic, because after all, we create our own reality and the only limits are the one we place on ourselves.

As the creative juices flow and even the ideas we pushed back long ago come to light the law steps in, not to diminish our thoughts, but to actually say YES, these are possible, here is how we can make it happen.  To often money is seen as an evil the opposition of spiritual growth, something that needs to be avoided, but in fact, money is just another form of energy. The sooner we can take away our negative connotations and develop a mindful way of perceiving it, the sooner we can grow a healthy relationship with the financial world and use it as an aid for expansion. Ryan, a financial consultant, is the grounded advise we need to see our dreams into fruition. Never seeing anything as out of reach, he provides us with little changes to our daily spending habits that can help us achieve our long-term vision. He honors the power of our manifestations, and then breaks it down into a plan of action, making it so that big trip, new car, or life experience, no longer seem out of reach. Helping us to release the opinion that money is an inescapable block; let go of the idea you are limited in what you can achieve. Everything is possible and with this valuable information we move one step closer to the life we have always dreamed.

Visioning Prosperity will be coming to FocusOm again, check our website for an up to date schedule.

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